🚀 Now with Custom QA Rubrics & Campaigns! 🚀

How It Works

Drive ROI & satisfaction with AI-Powered QA

Achieve real-time agent visibility. Give leaders the ability to jump in and save conversations, evaluate team performance on the fly, and coach agents towards excellence. 

100% visibility, 0% guesswork.
How It Works

Simple Setup. Real Time QA Monitoring.

Review every interaction. Flag potential issues. Elevate performance & CSAT.

Connect your CRM

Connect your existing CRMs for real-time analysis. Easy set-up with tech support available if needed.

Contacts QA Scored

QAScout reviews and grades agent interactions within minutes of each message, offering real-time feedback to agent teams.

Real Time

Analytics dashboard help CX leaders spot quality trends, drill in on individual performance, & spot potential DSATs promptly.

Email. SMS. Chat. Transcription Available.

Transform your CX with intelligent, real-time QA.

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